At this very busy phase of my life, I am quite picky about respite, my “chill” time.

Sometimes I search:  the makers of my Google aggregator (like I know everything about it), had some wonderful recommendations for subscriptions. What a way to travel.

I love the outdoors, although I’m not the traveling or camping type. I love “my” outdoors, beautiful, peaceful, energizing, and best of all, home. Not the greatest in the world, but who’s to say? Isn’t “beauty” the choice of the “beholder?”  My beauty is.

I love quiet time with my husband, which is hard to get since he’s a very “busy” man.  His gentleness always amazes me.

I love time with my daughter Lexi. She is a rock, the rock of my life. I don’t believe I would exist without Lex.

I love time with my granddaughter Myleigh, a time to be “me.” She doesn’t care if I act stupid or look funny.

I love my son, Stefan, and his wife although I don’t see them a lot. They are growing and happy, and I am happy for them.

I love my “poppies” and “woppies.” Yummy and Chloe came when Lex and I needed them most, and Cheyenne came when Gil needed her most. I am grateful for their “doggy” wisdom and worship.

I love the Tow Path in spring. Shades of apple, chartreuse, jade, kelly, moss, olive, and sage. All rejuvenating and core-calming.

I love poetry of place and time. Take me there and I’ll be with you, a getaway, which sometimes I need.

I love life mostly because of those who sustained me, my grandparents, my parents, and the farm. I learned, I grew . . . sights, sounds, smells, tastes . . . it’s all still here, in my heart. 🙂 S





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